Which Way Did He Turn?

by Kevin Mileski

Released 2003
Released 2003
Features a folk feel with a new story. This is music everyone would play if they all had supposedly good hearts, couldn't hold their liquor, and couldn't keep a day job even if they wanted to.
His music has been called the new style of any generation. "There are a lot of singer-songwriters out there; but you pay attention when he performs. There's just something about the way he plays that makes you want to know what's next." Kevin Mileski has been hailed as a fresh new act bringing back the artistry of story telling by using just the right amount of new sound with the familiarity of the old.

Here are a few responses from people who've bought the album or have been to live performances:

"This is a fresh approach to song-writing without the overproduction seen so much these days. This music is story telling with good instrumentation, James Taylor-like vocals and a unique sound. It seems to strike a soft spot in the hearts of the listeners."

"'Which Way Did He Turn' is wonderful. The songs are honest, funny, and easy to relate to. It's not overproduced and it contains the true ability of Kevin Mileski as is. It's nice to hear this music. It takes you back in time; but it pushes you forward as well. This is the old with the new and it sounds sweet."

"This album is solid from beginning to end. Kevin has an incredible voice and is an amazing instrumentalist. No two songs sound the same, each has its own flair and personality. His melodies and voice remind me of classic James Taylor or John Denver. If you are a fan of acoustic, folksy music, buy this cd!"
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